Donating To Dartmouth

Minimum Gift: We ask that homeowners make a minimum gift of 10% of their rental income to Dartmouth. Of course, you can give much more!

Tax Benefit: Because gifts to the college come directly from the homeowner, not Alumni Escapes, homeowners receive the tax benefit of their donation, as well as recognition from Dartmouth.  While renters do not receive a tax benefit, they will be acknowledged on the Alumni Escapes website for choosing to rent a property that benefits our alma mater!

You Choose: When you make your gift via check, securities or an online payment, you choose whether it goes to the Dartmouth College Fund…a capital campaign…a sports team…an arts program…or a graduate program such as Tuck or Thayer.

Donation Reporting for “Give a Rouse”: When you make a donation to the college, please put Alumni Escapes in the memo and shoot us an email when you’re done.  With your permission, we will post your name and your renters’ name on our blog. (Gifts of any size will be celebrated; amounts will never be disclosed.)

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